Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Thoughts 2/13/12

  • This was the first weekend of no football and it's a solid six months before we get it back.  Ugh.
  • Best line from CPAC:  "A conservative, a liberal, and a moderate walk into a bar… the bartender says, "Hey, Mitt.""
  • My dear wife dressed me in a purple shirt and a silver tie for church on Sunday.  Every man a wildcat?  
  • This guy can stack beer bottles with a bobcat excavator.  Okay, I'm impressed.
  • Here's a term, if not a practice, that was new to me: binge-watching.  Instead of watching a television show when it first airs, one episode a week, less than two dozen episodes a year, you rent the videos from the library or stream them off Netflix and watch three or four episodes in one sitting, on consecutive nights, from premiere to finale.  It's a great way to watch a show, if you can get the shows in order.
  • Speaking of television, aside from basketball, I don't watch anything live anymore.  Whatever TV we watch, it's recorded on the DVR and we watch it later at our convenience, skipping thru the commercials.  Basketball is the last thing on TV that I prefer to watch live; even football I watch delayed by an hour or more, skipping timeouts and commercials.
  • Which companies spend how much buying Google Ads?  Check this out.  Interesting.
  • Our church is going to invite over 3,000 people to church in the month of March.  We'll give each church member a stack of 31 "invite cards" to give out, one per day, in the month of March.  We're promoting it now and we'll do testimonies during the month of March; Easter is in April.  I don't know how many positive responses we'll get.  I suppose we're certain to get some negative ones.  But we hope to break the ice by inviting people to church and, in the process, find the opportunity to invite some to know Christ.

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