Saturday, February 18, 2012

Disney or Bust? Yes

We've had an incredible opportunity come up in the last several days.  Fly your family of seven to Florida for the cost of less than one airline ticket but use it in the next several days or lose it forever!


A friend from church has offered us the ability to fly stand-by to Florida before Spring Break starts.  This would probably be the only time ever we would all fly somewhere together as a family.  We don't know exactly when we'll go or what we can do but we have some money in savings and permission from my Elders to be gone so…

We need help!  What advice do you have?  What deals do you know?  I've been to Florida several times but not in the last 15 years. 

Budget:  We're on one.  Fortunately we had some money in savings from the 15-year anniversary vacation Shannon and I didn't take last year.  But with seven people, we're trying to save money everywhere.

Hotel.  I called our friend Pat who lives in Florida and it sounds like he found some good deals for the hotel.  I think we might have this base covered at a huge discount.

Disney.  We really want to take our kids to Disney World (they're 11, 10, 7, almost 6, and almost 3 and love things Disney) and we've been researching how hard it is to get a discount.  We can probably only afford going one day… so does anybody have some cost saving tricks to maybe help us get two days in?  Especially regarding food…

Car rental.   We'll need a minivan, probably for the week, and with the miles to drive to Jacksonville and back (to see Pat & Theresa!).  There's also a chance we'll have to fly into another city and drive to Orlando. Any ideas?

Filler.  Except for going to Disney, our budget isn't going to allow much else but going to the beach.  Pray for warm weather!  I'd like to take my kids to the Gatorland Zoo in Orlando.  It's a cheaper, half day thing that I'd like to show my kids.  Does anyone have other free or cheap ideas in the Orlando or Jacksonville area?

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