Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random Thoughts 10/18/12

  • Romney opens up a 7 point lead among likely voters.  Very nice.
  • It looks like Kansas City will have a new airport terminal in the next five years (two more years planning, two plus years construction).  Kansas City's airport, KCI, was conceived and built just before a major shift in airport design brought about by increased security concerns in the 70's and later.  If you've been to KCI, you'll notice the street is just few yards from the gates, which would be great except that it's a security nightmare.  Modern airports are built to separate the planes and the unsecured world outside as much as possible.  The new terminal, designed with these concerns in mind, will be built on the site of the current Terminal A.
  • Do Kansas City residents actually want a new airport?  That's another question.
  • According to Kansans for Life, I should vote for Romney/Ryan, Kevin Yoder for congress, Steve Fitzgerald for state senate, and Shawn Shipp for state representative.  Sounds like a plan.  Missouri's list (from the August primary) is here.
  • I watched the second presidential debate on tape delay, late Tuesday night.  I almost lost it when President Obama didn't answer the Libya question directly and then took a stand as if he had always been calling it an act of terrorism.  (…)  ARGHHHH!!!!  A few of us actually read the news everyday and watch your press conferences and know when you're telling a bald-faced lie!  ARGHHH!!!!  I think Romney was so stupefied by the President's brazen tack that it three him off his game a bit, no thanks to the mistaken moderator. 

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