Saturday, October 20, 2012

Random Thoughts 10/20/12

  • Cinnamon says it allUnbelievable.  I love the reporters restraint until she walks away.  [thanks for the link, Dustin]
  • Here's an interesting map showing how conservative or liberal the books bought from Amazon are, state by state.
  • Missouri might finally win an SEC game next week.  That's good for them.  Meanwhile, on this side of the state line, Jayhawk fans moved on to basketball season a week ago.
  • Read this incredible story about recently-deceased British soldier who was carrying about two handfuls of shrapnel in his body since 1944.
  • Why isn't the Ft. Hood massacre also a terrorist attack?  It only took a month to get around to calling Benghazi a terrorist attack.  I know that
  • So, the boxelder bugs have invaded, I notice, as I flick one off my desk.
  • Collin Klein for Heisman.
  • I'm feeling better and better about Romney's chances in a few weeks.  The question is whether the victory will be lawyer proof.  And will the Senate still be Democrat controlled?
  • If you're still undecided… doesn't that mean you're hesitating to vote for the incumbent?  If two new candidates were running, being undecided late into the race makes some sense.  But when you've had over 4 years to get to know a guy and now you find yourself unsure… it means you're either going to hold your nose and vote for him, not vote at all, or vote for the other guy.  Any way you cut it, the undecideds are not likely to swing toward the President in large numbers.

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