Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Random Thoughts 10/9/12

  • I know that the 2012-13 KU basketball season hasn't even started yet, but news for next is already trickling in.  The fall of 2013 class is already taking shape with another player committing to be a Jayhawk, namely Frank Mason, a 5-11 Sheron Collins-style point guard.   Extraordinary shooter Conner Francamp (from Wichita) and small forward Brannen Greene will also be joining the team a year from now.
  • I totally understand Eric Winston's outrage at some Chiefs fans cheering the concussion of Matt Cassel.  That said, I'm not surprised at the push-back either.  First of all, there's dispute about how many fans were actually cheering the injury and the rest are offended at the accusation.  Second, long-time KC fans have suffered through bad football and dashed hopes and dreams.  For some fans, there is a lifetime of bitterness involved in watching the current team struggle.  Was cheering for an injury classy?  No. 
  • My birthday was last Thursday, a day on which I had multiple meetings and spent quite a bit of time in my office studying and writing.  Most of our celebrating was done in the days before or after my actual birthday.  But the birthday day itself still felt special for one reason:  Facebook.  There's just nothing quite like getting dozens and dozens of birthday wishes from sunup to sundown.  It's a great shot in the arm!
  • No success finding iPhone 5's.  My local AT&T claims they haven't received a single phone since the day it was released.
  • I've listened daily to talk radio for over 20 years.  But KMBZ's "Dana & Parks" is the one of the worst shows out there, and easily the worst to disgrace 980's airwaves.  Specifically, I can't stand Dana Wright in this kind of format.  Almost every opinion she gives is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me, championing government regulation and mocking traditional values.  Her on-air persona is the worst example of a shrill, close-minded, talk-first-think-later liberal I've ever heard on local radio.  And her radio partner, Scott Parks, is not up to the task of counteracting her liberal rants.  He is mostly moderately conservative but he doesn't seem to have the chops to explain conservatism or why he thinks the way he does.  The pair have completely lost me; 980AM only plays after 2pm in my office by accident.

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