Monday, January 14, 2013

Random Thoughts 1/14/13

  • For only the fourth time in recent years, a living soldier will receive the Medal of Honor.  Clinton Romesha will be awarded the medal by the President next month for actions in Afghanistan in 2009.  This will be the seventh MOH from action in Afghanistan and the eleventh since 9/11.
  • I like the direction the Chiefs are going with the hire of Andy Reid as head coach.  I can't imagine that it can possibly get any worse, though.
  • Remember the beginning of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey?  Didn't that obelisk at the beginning look a bit like an iPhone?
  • Disney says they are making a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  Really?
  • How much fun has watching KU basketball been lately?!  Baylor is tonight!
  • I love the comment that Kevin Keitzman made last week about KU player Ben McLemore: normally when a player makes an amazing play you say "wow."  But when McLemore does something jaw-dropping you start laughing; he's so much better than the other players that it seems ridiculously unfair.
  • My favorite thing about McLemore?  He almost went to Missouri but chose Kansas instead.  Awesome.
  • Tomorrow I'll post a list that I've been working on: My Top-10 Favorite TV Married Couples.  You probably won't agree but I've been thinking about it for years and taking notes for months now.  I have my reasons.
  • This comment represents the dozens of political blog posts that I've not posted in the last few months because when rereading them I just sound bitter.  Totally and completely right… but still bitter.

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