Monday, January 28, 2013

Random Thoughts 1/28/13

  • KU is number 1 (in the coaches' poll, #2 in the AP).  Now the target is on their backs.  Oh wait, that's all the time.
  • It's interesting to hear folks talking about Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis.  Lewis is more philosophical man now, at the end of his career, than we was a decade or more ago.  In fact, he was a punk back in the day and he readily admits it.  But I've heard a tremendous amount of cynicism about him now, with media-types refusing to let go of his past mistakes, despite Lewis' obvious changes in his character.  But some folks don't believe people can change, perhaps because those cynics have never really repented of anything themselves.
  • Do you want to read something disturbing?  Try this STD infographic.  Yikes!
  • KU is wearing a new uniform tonight, that is tone-on-tone, i.e. blue jersey with blue numbers and nearly illegible from any significant distance. Why do companies like Adidas and Nike think this is a good idea?  Kansas has a classic jersey and font.  Why mess with that?
  • What in the world?  They need instructions in West Virginia?!  Check that.  They read in West Virginia?!
  • We showed the movie October Baby last Sunday afternoon at church for Sanctity of Human Life week.  If you missed it, it's a pretty good movie and very moving.
  • My sister, Sonya, spoke at church on Sunday about her ministry at the pregnancy center.  She did a great job!

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