Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Random Snow Thoughts 2/26/13

  • It doesn't seem to have snowed as ferociously as predicted.  We probably got six inches instead of the fifteen everyone feared.  It's still snowing lightly but I think we escaped the worst of it.  Nevertheless, our streets are still not plowed so technically we're snowed in.
  • Wednesday night church is still a possibility… mostly hinging on whether we can plow the parking lot or not.  We'll get the word out in as many ways as possible if we cancel.
  • I wonder how the military personnel standing behind the First Lady in her Oscars-video feel about being used as props.  I think it's kind of embarrassing.  It's also kind of ironic that the winning movie was about rescuing embassy staff; something this administration failed tragically in doing.
  • President Obama said Obamacare wouldn't add "one dime" to the deficit.  The GAO reports yesterday that it would add about $6.2 trillion over 75 years assuming everything else stays the same.  Oops.  This is where we say "I told you so" or "well, duh."
  • 500 wins for Bill Self at age 50.  That's amazing.
  • How did I miss that former Kansas player Marcus Morris got traded to Phoenix last week, reuniting him with his twin brother Markief?  This is the second time in NBA history that twin brothers have played for the same team.

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