Thursday, February 07, 2013

Random Thoughts 2/7/13

  • I'm getting old.  After dislocating my finger last week and spraining my ankle last night I could barely sleep last night.  I just lied there aching.  Pathetic.
  • KU's scoring slump and recent loses could be worse… oh, wait… nope.  This is awful.
  • According to a recent study, belief in global warming climate change rises and falls with the temperature.  Russia has had it worst winter in 100 years.  Now the East Coast is going to get two feet of snow dumped on them.  Poor Al Gore needs to come peddle his snake oil here in Kansas where we've had two mild winters in a row.
  • KU football supposedly has a tremendous recruiting class coming in.  To be fair it's not like a new group of players could do worse than the last two years.
  • To the postal worker who endangered our lives the other day by going the wrong way around the traffic circle… your panicked jumping of the curb to avoid a head-on collision with me was a great move, but your nervous yet friendly wave as we passed made my day.  Way to go.
  • Best commercial of the Super Bowl?  I liked the Chiefs selecting Deion Sanders Leon Sandcastle.  It seemed like a perfectly reasonable draft strategy to me.
  • Speaking of Super Bowl commercials, I loved Paul Harvey's "So God made a Farmer."  He was so good; I used to go out of my way to listen to him as a kid.  That said, on the ninth day didn't that farmer kill a rancher and hide his body in a field?  I'm just saying.
  • And God made a gardener on the sixth day.  Where's the love?

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