Saturday, February 23, 2013

Random Thoughts 2/23/13

  • My blog turned 8 years old this month.  Happy birthday, blog!  I've done a terrible job of keeping up in recent months; but I'm doing a better job of not blogging while in a bad state of mind.  Frankly, there's been a lot of political stuff and world news that has me down and I'm trying to keep a lot of that stuff to myself.  Why despair?  My hope isn't in this world anyway.
  • We had 10-12 inches of snow Thursday, creating a significant amount of snow to shovel.  After finishing the driveway (and 10 feet into the street) I wiped the sweat from my brow, looked at the white cliffs towering over the chasm I'd carved by sheer willpower, and took a picture.  Hmmm.  That wasn't near as impressive as it felt in the moment.
  • The conspiracy theories concerning Pope Benedict's unusual retirement are running rampant.  He's being forced out!  He's dying!  He's covering up a scandal!  It's the Jeeeeeewwwzzzzz!!!  How about he's a humble and good man who isn't driven by an outrageous ego like most other public figures.  Hmmm?  And since he had previously espoused the idea of abdication, perhaps he's not too proud to take his own advice.  Is that too far-fetched?
  • Rock Chalk, Jayhawk.  Someday I'm going to look back on wintery Saturday afternoons preparing Sunday school lessons and sermons while listening to the Jayhawks on the radio and smile.  Oh, wait.  I'm doing that now.
  • I'm preaching on Acts 5 tomorrow.   Perhaps I'll advocate a Biblical defense for communism.  But probably not.  Come listen!
  • They can make fun of Marco Rubio all they want, even for something as mundane as drinking water during a speech.  The left's hypocrisy of mocking Rubio for nothing while standing behind Senators who are involved in every type of moral debauchery is flabbergasting.  When you explain how Ted Kennedy held public office for most of his adult life you'll have my attention.
  • Well, there went the angry-blogging resolution.  Oh, well.  I'll call it righteous indignation.

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