Thursday, February 14, 2013

Random Thoughts 2/14/13

  • So, the Jayhawks are back on track.  Poor K-State though.  I know several Wildcats that are cross-eyed in frustration with how ineffective they've been against KU (3-37 since the Big12 began).  But what I think bothers Wildcats even more is that KU fans don't hate their guts.  It's the little-brother syndrome: K-State resents KU for dominating them (in just this one sport, mind you) but a lot of KU fans are friendly toward K-State, which is perceived as condescension.  KU basketball fans save the "hated-rival" designation for Missouri or North Carolina or Kentucky, which insults K-State fans for not being considered.  So Jayhawks feel mildly competitive toward Wildcats.  Wildcats want to beat Jayhawks into a bloody pulp, humiliate them, make them beg for mercy, and then have Mom say she's always loved Wildcats more.
  • Happy Valentine's Day to my beautiful wife.  I love you!
  • American Airlines and US Airways will now likely merge to make a new American Airlines, slightly larger than United Airlines, currently the largest airline in the world.  There were rumors last April of a hostile takeover of American by US Airways but now it seems they've worked things out: US Airways CEO takes over but they'll use American's name and livery.
  • Now that the TWA American overhaul base is closed, the Kansas City connection to American Airlines is limited to retirees like my dad and only a few flights per day out of KCI. 
  • I bought my wife flowers for the first time in years.  She's not a flowers kinda girl and I express myself in other ways.  But now I've got four boys and little girl watching… so I bought some flowers and had them waiting for her when she woke up this morning.
  • Here's an offseason overview of the Chiefs by Sports Illustrated.  *Sigh*
  • This week the CDC is declaring an STD epidemic with 20 million new infections per year in this country.  Eww.  I hope this kind of news encourages abstinence among young single adults and teens.

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