Monday, June 17, 2013

First Day of Camp Complete

It's Junior High week here at camp and things are going great.  We're having beautiful weather, which in Kansas this time of year means the thunder storms hit the counties on either side of us and spared us… for now.

I'm here as a teacher and sort of the staff chaplain.  I did a devotion this morning for the staff about the envy we sometimes feel toward worldly people who always seem to be healthy, carefree, and prospering while we suffer for no reason.  But then I read from Psalm 73  …yeah, it's better to be on God's side.  And what does this world really offer that's more valuable or more lasting than our God?

Most of of my responsibilities involve trouble-shooting and gopher-ing for the dean, Bart Hinz.  I love that guy dearly and serving him is a breeze.  I'm also so impressed with the staff he's assembled; some I've known for years (like James Garner) and others are new to me.

Two of my boys (Brennan and Tanner) are here with me.  I'm absolutely bursting with pride at what polite and spiritual young men they are.  Having multiple people come to me praising their virtues is a father's dream.

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