Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Getting Old

I'm starting to feel my age here at church camp. 

I haven't been able to sleep well at camp for several seasons now.  Playing basketball and hand golf everyday, which I really enjoy, leaves me limping and hobbling.  Even sitting and working on my sermon in the cafeteria hurts my posterior.  And getting up up from these low-slung cafeteria tables?  I move and sound like a wounded water buffalo dying in the mud.

I try to remind myself that these kids are making decisions for Christ every day and I have a truly special opportunity to teach them and encourage them.  Not to mention I get the opportunity to bond with and enjoy my fellow ministers and volunteers. 

But as much fun and as worthwhile as camp is, I'm kinda ready to go home!

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Anonymous said...

Jared, you cannot come home early! Stick with it! :)