Friday, June 07, 2013

Random Thoughts 6/7/13

  • I don't ever want to hear again how supposedly evil George Bush was.  Five years of President Obama's administration has been as corrupt as the day is long, setting new records for welfare and government bloat.  Benghazi, the IRS, wiretapping, NSA snooping, the Arab Spring turned radical, unemployment, guns sold to Mexico… it goes on and on and on.  If you had problems with President Bush, President Obama's administration is doubling down on more of the same.  Or did he close Gitmo while I was reading about all the drone strikes?
  • Newly retired NFL star Matt Birk didn't visit the White House this week with the rest of the Baltimore Ravens because of his pro-life stance.  He cited the President's recent speech in which he said "God bless Planned Parenthood."  Sports writers (who seem to be surprisingly liberal politically) are now reproaching Birk because the President actually said, "Thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you. God bless America." The writers then assert that this is a "huge difference."  Is it?  Maybe I should brush up on the rules about the closest antecedent, but I believe Birk is essentially correct.  The President said, "God bless you [Planned Parenthood]."
  • Birk then clarifies that because Planned Parenthood performs a third of million abortions per year, he can't endorse them in any way.  God bless you, Matt Birk, for making a stand against something plainly evil.
  • On the side, does anyone think a politician (such as the President) means "God bless [insert noun here]" the way most religious people do?
  • There was a headline today that said, "QB Alex Smith encouraged to make big plays."  Really.  Coaching like that must be worth millions.
  • What do I use Evernote for?  Everything.  Photos of my license plates, meeting notes, sermon ideas and illustrations, jokes and funny pictures from Facebook, recording my vehicle mileage, movies I've watched, ideas for blogging, shopping lists, prayer lists, inspirational quotations, business cards, and almost every piece of paper that crosses my desk.  
  • And finally, Justin Bieber to be blasted into space?  I'm okay with that idea.

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