Monday, July 01, 2013

Random Thoughts 7/1/13

  • Where do you go to watch fireworks around here?
  • Chris sent me this video of a Baptist preacher absolutely losing it, calling out individuals in his congregation, mid-sermon.  He ridicules people in his congregation, mocks them, betrays confidences, and is generally abusive.  It's awful.  As I was watching it, peeking through my fingers, I thought, "this is so bad, maybe he's having some kind of mental breakdown or dementia or apoplexy or something."  It better be a stroke or because that kind of awkward tirade should get a preacher fired.
  • My second thought while watching that preacher's meltdown: why isn't he just preaching his sermon? Does he normally roam the congregation picking on people instead of preaching from the Bible?
  • What worries me is that this guy kept puffing himself up and expressing ownership/control over the congregation.  How weird was that?  Is that how it works there?  The preacher is the savior for his little kingdom and it finally went to his head?  Weird.
  • What in the wrong is wrong with former KU star Thomas Robinson?  I don't really follow the NBA very closely but Robinson got drafted high last year but didn't seem to work out for his team.  So they traded him.  But he didn't seem to work out with the second team either, so he recently got traded again.  That's three teams in just barely over one season.  Twice now a team paid to get him, had him for a few months and then let him go.  That's not a good sign but perhaps there are mitigating circumstances I just don't know about.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about the new football helmets Kansas unveiled today.  I like the return of the Jayhawk to the helmet and I generally like an alternate or throwback jersey once in a while.  But I really don't think these look combinations look good (as much as it's been revealed so far).  I suppose I'd rather see a fashion train wreck on the field than the type of train wrecks we've witnessed in past years.

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