Friday, July 05, 2013

  • Want to see two great short films?  The first is a short documentary called Spitfire 944 about footage of an American-piloted Spitfire aircraft's emergency landing in World War 2.  The second film is a dramatized true-story set in a World War 1 shell crater and it's an absolute must-see.  It's called Rosso Fango (Red Mud) and, if you don't know the story, it will blow your mind.
  • Former KU center Jeff Withey is now a pelican.  Answers to your questions follow: 1) No, Jeff has not transformed into an actual pelican; any resemblance is purely coincidental.  2) Yes, there is an actual NBA team that calls itself the Pelicans.  On purpose.  In New Orleans.  3) Yes, this post-draft trade is probably good for him with some analysts saying Withey will step right in to a reserve position getting 12-15 minutes per game.  4) No, former KU one-and-done guard Xavier Henry is NOT still playing in New Orleans; he was let go.  Like many early entrants into the NBA, Henry has averaged a few points per game for a few seasons and is quickly fading into obscurity.  5) Yes, Withey whose NBA career is just beginning is actually one year older than Xavier Henry whose NBA career is already on life support.  6) No, I'm not a fan of allowing 19-year-old kids to go to the NBA, even if they are as talented as Xavier Henry or even Ben McLemore.
  • My key fob for my truck is completely dead.  I wonder if a button was being pressed all day yesterday while the keys were in my pocket.
  • There's another Hobbit video blog available here.  Be warned, the cast and crew seem a little slap-happy, get a little goofy, and let slip a few crude comments here and there.  But it's still fascinating to see the behind-the-scenes logistics it takes to make a major film.

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