Saturday, July 13, 2013

Random Thoughts 7/13/13

  • Why do parents allow toddlers to play with their smart phones?  My iPhone contains contacts, calendars, messages and apps that I don't want deleted or even tampered with.  My iPhone is linked to my bank account and can potentially be used to buy all sorts of stuff in all sorts of places.  My iPhone is the means by which important people intend to contact me for serious things.  If my kid were deleting my apps, monkeying with my info, buying a car on ebay, and hanging up on my boss/clients/customers, I'd put an end to it before real damage is done.  After all, the world assumes that I'm the one using my phone.
  • I'm still trying to get the last few spots filled in our fantasy football league.  Specifically, I need a few people who had teams last year to confirm that they're playing again.  If you haven't played before, there might be an opening…
  • "Sharknado"?  Seriously, sci-fi channel?  This TV movie is surely a sign of the apocalypse.
  • It seems likely that George Zimmerman was jumped, wrestled to the ground, beaten in the face, and was having his head slammed against the concrete.  If Zimmerman can't plead self-defense, can anybody?
  • The liberal-leftist protests of the new abortion-law in Texas this week prove that Pro-Choice in NOT pro-woman.  It this were about women's health they would welcome reform to make abortions safer for women.  But the threat that these restrictions and reforms would lead to less abortions… that's too much.  Pro-Choice means one thing: getting rid of undesirable children.  Whether you don't desire the responsibility or you cringe at the thought of "those people" multiplying, the abortion industry has a the single purpose of eliminating those undesirables.  Period.
  • Some day there will be history books will cover Hitler's Holocaust and the abortion industry in the same chapter.
  • My wife bakes cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. and has been selling them very successfully.  Everyone thinks that means we're up to eyeballs in extra cake to eat.  Not true.  We smell all of these delicious treats being baked and see them decorated but, most of the time, Shannon makes exactly the amount needed and no more.  I've made several deliveries and wondered if the customer would notice they only received 23 cookies or 11 cupcakes.  Alas…
  • Read Mark Steyn's thoughts on the Zimmerman trial and the state of our justice system here.  He's witty and sharp as a tack; he's one of my favorites.

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