Saturday, July 16, 2011

Random Thoughts 7/16/11

  • I love teaching at church camp but it is sooooo good to be home.  The teaching, preaching, devotions, Bible study, and talking with kids one-on-one is all right up my alley, but all the outdoor stuff isn't my speed; I hate coming home sunburned and covered in bug bites.
  • In the World Series of Poker this year, which is mostly finished except for the ongoing Main Event, professional poker player Phil Hellmuth placed second in three separate events and made it to day four of the Main Event, just missing the money.  Today is Day 5 of the Main Event and several well-known professionals are still among the 378 players remaining.
  • There are not enough hours in the day to read everything I want to read.
  • The Medal of Honor was awarded to Sergeant First Class Leroy Petry this week, only the second living recipient since Vietnam.  Read about him here, especially the "battlescape" that describes the events surrounding Petry's heroism.
  • There seems to be good movement in the NFL labor talks.  I've been holding off on an email to our fantasy football league all week, waiting for something to happen.  Now it's possible that this will all be worked out by the middle of this week.  Yay!
  • Because you really needed to know what was in A1 Steak Sauce
  • And finally, here's a three-year old explaining Star Wars.  Awesome!

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