Saturday, July 09, 2011

Random Thoughts 7/9/11

  • I'm teaching at another week of church camp this coming week; it should be a great week!  I'll bring my computer and try to blog a little.
  • Here's a great article detailing the Kansas basketball recruits for 2012.  It's a long list, but there's still a lot of time left before any of these guys would show up for classes in Lawrence. Only one player, Zach Peters from Texas, has committed to Kansas for that recruiting class and I'm not sure that really means anything yet.  We're expecting three to four scholarships to be available at the end of this coming season.
  • A refurbished first-gen iPad is only $350 over at Apple's online store.  I really believe that we're moving away from the idea of the family computer, to the idea of each family member having their own device, be it tablet, laptop, smart phone, or some combination thereof.  I really think the future of homeschooling revolves around one tablet per student and, for those purposes, a first-gen iPad will work nicely.
  • I'm preaching on the minor prophets this summer.  Obadiah was last week, Joel is this week.  This is a bit harder than anticipated.
  • Hey, 7/9/11.  That's not as cool as September 10th of this year, or November 11, but still…
  • Okay, here's a little more info on The Hobbit.  This time it's another video blog from Peter Jackson as they finish one block of shooting, send the cast and crew on vacation and scout new locations for the next block of shooting.
  • If you're a Kansas City resident you must listen to this podcast of local sports-talk guy Kevin Kietzman taking a writer from New York, Chris Sullentrop, to task about whether Kansas City is a place where people are lonely and bored. The last few minutes are particularly good.  KC isn't perfect but it's a pretty nice place to live, in my opinion.

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