Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random Thoughts 7/21/11

  • I hate that weak, shaky feeling you get in your arms after trimming with the weed-eater for an hour.  You think you're fine until you have hold a heavy object over your head or sign your name, but no, my muscles have been vibrated to death; they don't work anymore.
  • 99 weeks of unemployment is bad for you.  More specifically, the perpetual dole causes depression and anxiety in those who don't work because they'd rather take unemployment than a job that pays them much less than they're used to.  Hello unintended consequences!  Welfare destroys the personal dignity of an individual.  In most cases the best thing for a person is to limit or take away those government benefits they think they need.  That safety net too quickly becomes a web.
  • I installed OS X Lion on my MacBook Pro yesterday but before I did, I made a copy of the 3.5 GB installer file.  If you buy Lion you can install it on all of your computers (very cool) but you have to re-download it each time (not cool).  This can take three or four hours depending on how fast your internet is.  So I made a copy and networked it over to our iMac when I got home last night.  It transferred in about two minutes instead of four hours.  Awesome.
  • Exposure to the American flag "primes voters towards Republicans."  This is just like the report a few weeks ago that said Fourth of July parades made people vote Republican.  Because resenting your country is for modern Democrats!
  • Here's another video blog on Facebook from Peter Jackson on the set of The Hobbit.
  • The NFL almost has a deal done to play this season… almost!  If things work out today, we are planning on a fantasy football draft on August 29 (with other dates in the that time period still being considered).
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