Monday, July 25, 2011

Random Thoughts 7/25/11

  • The NFL lockout is over!  That means we'll get a full season of NFL football this year.  And that means we'll have Fantasy Football too!
  • Here are some great satellite pictures of famous sports stadiums, including a pair that you might recognize…
  • K-State is rebranding itself as, you guessed it, K-State.  Only now it's official.  "K-State" means Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas and only that.  Of course, who was the competition, Kent State?  Kennesaw State?
  • I went to the Apple Store this morning because my iPhone 4, which I'd had for almost eleven months, was acting up.  Specifically, the home button was beginning to fail, functioning erratically for quite some time now.  I walked in, an Apple "genius" looked at it for 30 seconds, and decided that I should get a brand new phone!  He activated the new shiny phone, deleted my grimy, scratchy old phone, and voila!  I didn't even have an extended warranty or anything.
  • Overheard while the kids played at the Altic house today:  "Opera contest!!! LAHHHHHHHHH!!!"
  • Have you seen McDonald's instructions for using their WiFi?  It's just one more example of why you should use a Mac.  It's so much better!
  • It sounds ridiculous but the funniest thing I've seen on TV recently is a cartoon the boys watched, "LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace."  It was really funny, in a Star Wars-inside-joke, geek kind of way.
  • Overheard while the kids played at the Altic house today:  "Ow! Ow!  It hurts!  Graham, stop biting my toes!"

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