Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Thoughts 7/27/11
  • The Chiefs have signed WR Steve Breaston to a 5-year deal, presumably to start.  I've always like Breaston when he was in Arizona, which is the connection to current Chiefs coach Todd Haley.  A lot of KC fans wanted Sidney Rice (who went to Seattle) or Santonio Holmes (who stayed with the Jets), but Breaston will work.
  • Oh, guess what?  Satellite data is disproving man-made global warming.  Not only does CO2 not trap nearly as much heat as we thought but man-made CO2 doesn't seem to increase humidity or cloud cover as was speculated.  Hmmm… shocking.
  • Of course facts will never sway the true believers in global warming climate change, because this thinking goes so much further than the thermometer.  Their holy prophet, Al Gore, has convinced them that the infestation of humanity is bad for the planet and they'll never believe otherwise.  Large families (i.e. more than one child) are bad, abortion is good.  Development and industry is bad, central planning socialism is good.  These people want to reduce the population (sparing themselves of course), destroy capitalism (as long as they still get their iPhones), and control the tiniest details of your life (because you're not as elite as they are).
  • Here are 50 Great Learning Apps for Kids for the iPad.  I really think that tablet computers and the internet will be the future of home school education and education in general, although Shannon ran into a school teacher recently who claimed that public schools were almost over the fad of computers, et al.  We've used as a supplement for years; that's only going to increase.
  • Oh look, church camp for atheistsSeriously.  The truth is that unbelief is just as much a religious belief as faith.
  • I know football season is starting, and I'm currently putting together all of our stuff for fantasy football (hold August 29 open guys!), but I'm really looking forward to college basketball.  KU isn't even supposed to have that great of a year, but college basketball has been really fun in recent years.

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