Monday, November 14, 2011

Random Thoughts 11/14/11

  • Easy come, easy go.  I was really excited about playing in a basketball league this winter but I just got word this morning that our team was the only team to sign up.  Nuts!  
  • I'm still using Shopkick on my iPhone and I'm closing in on my seventh or eighth $15 iTunes gift card.  Granted: I click away at that stupid thing everyday and I've been doing it months and months… but still, free money!  If you try it, enter my code to get free points: squirrel2482.
  • The poor Chiefs can't catch a break.  I've lost track of how many starters have been lost this season.  Now Matt Cassel looks like he may be out for the year. Great.
  • We're going to keep playing basketball on Wednesday nights, as often as can.  We play up at Wallula Christian Church at about 8:20 or 8:30pm.  Be there!
  • I have so many books that are about half-read.  Like twenty of them.  Commentaries, histories, novels, devotionals… it's like it's impossible for me to finish one of these things.  I NEED to finish some of these books!
  • It's also about time to start reading the Chronicles of Narnia with Eli and Graham.  I did this probably three years ago with Brennan and Tanner.  Now I need to go through the seven books again.  Brennan however, will start on The Hobbit.

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