Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Random Thoughts 11/9/11

  • Stupidly obscure auto-correct.  I typed in "schedule" on my phone and got "scrofula."  Seriously.  Have you ever been typing on your phone and intended to type the name of some medieval disease?  Ever?  Hey, iPhone, MacBeth called and wants its disease back.  I want to know the stats; of the billions of words that have been text messaged in recent years, how many of them have been "scrofula"?
  • Rock Chalk Jayhawk.  T-Rob had 22 points and 12 rebounds in the exhibition game last night and Conner Teahan was perfect from the floor and the line for 14 points.  Newcomer Naadir Tharpe had 19 points and 7 assists and 5 steals.
  • So Steve Jobs was right (again) about Flash on mobile devices.  It's a dead end.  Adobe just announced that they are ceasing development on mobile Flash because, even though it runs on an Android, Flash hates your phone's battery with a vengeance.  The whole web is going to transition to HTML5, just like Jobs said.
  • If you have to lose a volleyball tournament, do it the way we did last night.  My team lost 2-1 last night against our friends from our other church team.  They were the better team all season and it was good competition.  But the winner has to play next Tuesday during the KU-Kentucky game… so who are the real winners, really?
  • I blew up my ankle two weeks ago.  I sprained(?) it pretty bad or at least it seems bad.  I've sprained a lot of ankles, I've even broken an ankle, but I've never done it at 35 years old.  Two weeks on, the swelling and bruising is going away but the pain is about the same, even though it seems mostly functional.
  • My children love to hang out in our bed watching TV.  Yesterday Shannon made chocolate chip cookies.  Last night I found chocolate slobber all over my favorite blanket.  The suspect is short, pink, adorable.
  • Did anyone else hear K-State coach Frank Martin on the radio this week?  I swear I heard him interviewed about Mizzou and the Big 12 saying something to the effect of, "Now all the complainers are gone."  Wow!  I can't find this quote anywhere but I'm pretty sure I heard it.  Regardless, what an interesting take on the likes of Mizzou, Texas A&M, and Nebraska.

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