Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Random Thoughts 11/23/11

  • No services tonight at church due to Thanksgiving.  No worship practice either; we have a guest worship leader this Sunday: Kelley Bowker.
  • I know it's silly to complain about a guy who consistently gets a double-double, but Thomas Robinson kinda disappoints me so far this season.  Up until the second half of the UCLA game, he seemed to be making a lot of mental mistakes for a guy who's supposed to be lottery-pick.  Hopefully, he improves as the season progresses.  Tonight would be a great time to start.
  • Late every night, I make the rounds and check on all my kids; they all get re-tucked in about midnight.  Last night, Anneliese's little blanket was riding high, exposing her feet, so I gave it a little tug.  It didn't budge.  By the light of my phone I looked at where it was bunched up near her face and discovered that she was biting it.  I tugged again.  She was clamped down on that little pink blanket and it wasn't going anywhere.  One more quick tug… nothing.  So I got a second blanket and covered her feet.
  • What's up with NBC bailing on "Community"?  The show isn't officially canceled but it's not on the spring schedule either.
  • I got a five-minute cussing out from an angry shopper in a parking lot yesterday.  I was utterly impressed with her ability to blast someone who didn't harm her and wasn't fighting back – in fact, I probably stood there and took it longer than I would have otherwise out of a morbid fascination with this woman's rage.  I told her "God bless you" twice and both times she went nearly apoplectic.  Fascinating. 
  • We are playing basketball tonight at 8:30 at Wallula.  Be there.
  • It looks like Tanner may have scoliosis.  We'll be checking into it here in the next several days and hopefully learning a lot more.  Some encouragement sure would be nice from anyone with firsthand experience.

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