Friday, November 18, 2011

They Shoot Horses for this…

Believe it or not, I actually went to the doctor.

I realize that that probably revokes my "man card," but I had to go.  Three weeks ago I badly sprained my ankle. I was playing basketball, jumped in the air, hit my foot on another player, rolling it, and landed hard on the bone of the outside of my ankle.  Ouch.  I collapsed like a sack of potatoes. 

Even after ice and elevation and crutches and everything, that foot was swollen for weeks and, here on day 23, it's still a bit discolored and puffy.  But the pain I'm having after three weeks was really starting to worry me.  I broke that ankle twenty years ago and I've sprained them both multiple times over the years but this one seemed especially bad. Was it actually fractured?  Did I tear something?  Or am I just getting old? 

I needed the peace of mind of having an expert look at it so I went to the doctor.  He said there were no signs of nerve or vascular damage; it only appeared to be a bad sprain and, if he could give me some medicine to reduce the swelling, he expected the pain to disappear in the next 10 days.  If it doesn't, he'd do an MRI and check for soft tissue damage after Thanksgiving.

So that's the plan. 

One side note:  10 days of anti-inflammatory pills was $130, even after a special discount card I was given.  So I went back and asked for something different and the new price for a bottle of similar pills was only $5.  That's good but I'm not sure if plain old Ibuprofen is that cheap.

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