Monday, March 11, 2013

Random Thoughts 3/11/13

  • We had a special offering at church yesterday to fund our revival.  We needed $1,000 during a difficult time and we asked that nobody give what they would normally give to our regular offering.  We were praying for God to show us his glory and we hoped for $1,000 to $1,500.  Instead, He blessed us with over $2,000!  Praise the Lord!
  • The money will go to advertising the conference (April 26-28) and defraying the costs of the conference.  This way we don't have to take up an offering at each session.  Too many people think the church just wants their money, so it'll be nice to not need to ask.
  • Congrats to K-State for all their success this year!  It's too bad both Kansas teams couldn't win their final games instead of losing them.
  • Where do they find the well-dressed audiences for "America's Funniest Home Videos?"  There's no way those are Americans with their own clothes.  Do they put the audience through wardrobe?  Are they mostly actors, hired to be there?  Audiences in church on Easter Sunday aren't dressed this nice.
  • So are we supposed to hold out hope that the new Kansas City Chiefs are really different and really have a chance next year?
  • I'm dumbfounded with the reaction that people are having to the death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.  The man was socialist dictator that robbed $2 billion from his people to line his own pockets.  He curtailed freedoms and made his country worse in many ways, yet "useful idiots" like Sean Penn and Oliver Stone are praising him as a hero.  I'm not asking anyone to be boorish about the death of a human being, but please, this man was demonstrably a thief and liar. 
  • My favorite commentator on Fox News right now?  John Stossel.  His weekend specials about government waste and corruption and politics are absolutely fascinating.

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