Friday, March 29, 2013

Random Thoughts 3/29/13

  • Our second "Shoe Leather Outreach Day" is tomorrow.  Meet at the church at 9am and we'll go to some surrounding neighborhoods to distribute flyers for our revival/conference in April.
  • In my opinion, Pope Francis seems to act more like Jesus than I expected from a pope.  He shuns a lot of the pomp and special privileges; and he's in trouble right now for washing the feet of women and prisoners and not acting regal enough.  Some Catholics fear he'll abandon all the traditions but I feel like he's just exceedingly humble.  I like a Pope that makes people think of Jesus instead of all the gold and wealth of the Catholic Church.
  • This game against Michigan may be KU's hardest game of the tournament, even if they make it to the championship game.
  • Here's a great little article and video about the introduction of iPads in airline cockpits to replace heavy bags full of books, checklists, and manuals.
  • I think that North Korea really believes its own lies.  After 60 years of lies and oppression they just don't know reality anymore… which makes them kind of dangerous to their neighbors.  I'm not losing any sleep, however, over a Nork ICBM aimed at Washington.  I doubt they could hit Tokyo, though I do hope they don't try.
  • How does this POW situation not make more news?  Did we get bored?

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