Monday, March 25, 2013

Sweet 16 (2013), Round 2

So here are the results of the second round of our Sweet 16 contest.

It's still pretty close, with everyone within 35 points of each other and everyone taking some serious blows to their lineup.  Chris is leading with 225 points and has eight of his top nine teams remaining.

Zach and Richard lead the group, having only lost five teams.  That sounds pretty rough, only correctly picking 11 out of 16 of the teams at this point in the tournament, but it's as good or better than we've done in recent years.  Mike has lost nine of his sixteen teams.

We had our first player lose their 16-point team (thanks a lot, Gonzaga!).  Kristi and Jared have lost their bottom five teams; Mike has lost his bottom six teams.

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Anonymous said...

Mike thinks he got mentioned a lot in this post. Mike also thinks this is a dumb game. Mike is a sore loser.