Saturday, March 02, 2013

Random Thoughts 3/2/13

  • March is a happy month for us.  We have three March birthdays in our family (and many friends and relatives with March birthdays also).  My beautiful wife adds another year on the 4th, Anneliese turns four on the 12th, and Graham turns seven on the 16th.
  • Aren't you glad you didn't give up on the Jayhawks during that 3-game losing streak?  Rock Chalk!
  • As a Jayhawk fan, I have little or no interest in seeing a scheduled Mizzou game in KC.  Missouri deliberately hurt our conference (and especially the KC area); they left for the sake of leaving, so let them go.  Maybe Kansas will play Missouri in the NCAA tournament some day.  It mystifies me why Kansas City Big 12 fans would want to do Missouri any favors.
  • My wife keeps trying to pass off venison as hamburger.  The kids are beginning to think she's just not a very good cook.  Or worse, that they don't like hamburger that much.
  • I've begun reading The Chronicles of Narnia to Elijah and Graham each evening.  Back in the fall of 2007, I read the seven Narnia books to Brennan and Tanner at ages seven and almost six, respectively (Eli was barely two years old and didn't participate much).  So now it's time to read to the next pair of boys, who are just shy of nine and seven years old.
  • In our house, if you read a book, you can stay up 30 minutes past bedtime.  Elijah is capitalizing on this more than any of the kids and is rivaling Tanner for the most voracious reading appetite.  The problem is that we often forget about him because he'll disappear into our room or a closet to read and we don't remember him for an hour or more.

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