Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sweet 16 (2013) Round 1

Here are the results of Round 1 (sorry for the delay) and, yes, I know that the NCAA is calling this Round 2 but like a lot of people I'm completely ignoring those play-in games.

After the first two day of play, it's pretty close with everyone within 15 points of each other (105-120 points out of 136).  New Mexico, Georgetown, and Wisconsin are the goats so far, not winning a single game when many of us had them in the Elite 8 or better.  Local favorites K-State and Oklahoma State were also disappointments.

Trivia:  Did you know the University of Missouri has a team and made the tourney?  And their fans got on KC sports radio en masse Friday and claimed they were glad they had lost early… again.  Strange place, Missouri.

Speaking of losses, Richard lost his 14-point team and four teams lost their 13-point teams.  Matt, Dustin, and Kristi each lost five teams in the first round.  Everyone else lost at least three teams.

Here are the results:

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