Thursday, April 18, 2013

A New Frontier

…well, new to me, anyway.

For the first time in my life, I actually shopped for and bought a vehicle for myself.  I got a six-speed Nissan Frontier crew-cab pickup.  It's just exactly what I wanted and after looking at dozens of this type of vehicle, we found one online (in North Dakota) for an insanely great deal.

Since my first car was replaced, I've always driven old "beater" cars and, lately, minivans.  It wasn't very cool but it was twenty years of small car payments or no payments at all (thanks, Dave Ramsey).  That investment translates into this truck being almost paid for as well.  It feels like a wonderful reward for my patience.

I imagine I'll be hauling bicycles and fishing poles this summer and a load of mulch for Shannon.  I'm excited to be able to move gas cans and mowers and other dirty things that formerly went into a back seat of a car or van.  I'm also happy that I can take up to four of my kids with me when needed (five if I strap one to the hood).

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