Thursday, April 04, 2013

Random Thoughts 4/4/13

  • A few of us from the church went out this morning and delivered more flyers about our revival.  I'm guessing we hit about 200 homes and the weather was beautiful.  A few of the deacons are going out tonight to cover another neighborhood or two.
  • Film critic Roger Ebert died today. 
  • Lions kicker Jason Hanson retired today after 21 seasons with the Detroit Lions, which ought to win him some kind of special place in Heaven.  I had Hanson on my fantasy teams many times with great success.
  • KU freshman Anrio "Rio" Adams is officially transferring away from Kansas.  That will probably put senior-to-be Justin Wesley (Keith Langford's little brother) back on scholarship.  Langford has paid for at least one year already when Wesley was a walk-on instead of a scholarship player.
  • What on earth is North Korea doing?!  I can't help but wonder if they're about to collapse.
  • Our church projector, which gave up the ghost on Easter morning, is now back up and running.  Thanks, Mike.
  • Five cooking mistakes and how to fix them, here at lifehacker.
  • Also, here's a "cheat sheet for meat treats" for those of us who were never in 4H.

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