Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Random Thoughts 4/9/13

  • Went to the dentist today for the first time in almost four years.  And it will be the first of many visits in the near future. Ugh.  I guess I should be thankful that my teeth aren't worse than they could be.  Compared to some people's dental problems, it's all pretty minor I guess.
  • Does the government (or the community, or the "collective") own your kids?  After MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry outrageous statement, the bigger outrage is that so many people didn't have a problem with her suggestion that the collective owns your kids.  It's sad to think that a chunk of our society would pass the responsibility for their children on to the government.
  • One commentator noted that if the community is responsible for the children (like Communism teaches), then isn't the unborn child also the community's choice?  Can't a pro-lifer then argue that a woman's privacy doesn't count in a socialist utopia?  Of course that logic won't matter.  Socialist utopias are impossible and the vain attempts at them necessarily bring a culture of death.  When the government owns the children we'll be aborting and euthanizing all of the "unproductive" and "undesirable" ones already.
  • Ben McLemore announced today that he will declare for the NBA draft.  No surprise there.  He can't possibly improve his draft stock, considering his potential is so highly regarded.  KU fans shouldn't be too upset at this early departure since McLemore is a uniquely nice kid who made a significant contribution while he was here.  And, frankly, a program like KU brings in more talent each season than it has playing minutes to offer them.  So it's time to reload!  On toward 2014!
  • The Blue Angels, the Navy's flight demonstration team, has cancelled all shows for the 2013 tour, including an airshow in KC.  I hate to see that happen but I'd rather keep a ship at sea for a little longer than guarantee those airshows.

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