Friday, April 26, 2013

Random Thoughts 4/26/13

  • The poor Chiefs; they finally get the number one pick and there is no clear franchise QB and no other teams interested in trading up.  Oh, well.  I think offensive tackle is always a good pick and I'm very pleased with OT Eric Fisher.  Would I have preferred Andrew Luck or a young Peyton Manning?  Sure, but that wasn't in the cards.
  • Our church's revival starts today!  Our first session in tonight at 7pm (with cookies afterwards!).  Come learn about our lives in Christ!
  • The Chiefs traded their second round pick for QB Alex Smith but they have the first pick of the third round.
  • I sprained my wrist playing basketball Wednesday night.  Basically I slapped someone's knee as they ran by in the opposite direction, bending my right hand back to the elbow (yeah, I know, then I threw my purse at them).  I woke up Thursday morning and could barely turn a doorknob or lift a book with that hand.  I'm getting old.
  • KU will add a 6-10 center who shoots 80% from the free throw line to its roster next year.  Hunter Mickelson will transfer from Arkansas to join the Jayhawks, sit out a season, and then have two years of eligibility left.
  • Just in case you're not sure, Islam caused the Boston Marathon bombing.  Period.  Not all Muslims are fundamentalists but the fundamentals of Islam are undeniably violent and militant.  Christians become more pacifist (or nearly so) as they become more fundamentalist because the fundamentals of Christianity are love and forgiveness.  If a Christian murders an abortion doctor, he has gone against the basic tenets of his religion and has truly "hijacked a peaceful religion."  When a Muslim kills an infidel for Allah, he is following the literal reading of his scriptures; he has NOT "hijacked a peaceful religion." 
  • Cowards who are ignorant of history and naive about the world say that Islam is a peaceful religion.  They'll mock Christians because its safe; if they draw a cartoon of Muhammad they could be murdered.

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