Thursday, April 10, 2014

Random Thoughts 4/10/14

  • Jayhawk Draft Watch Day 18:  Joel Embiid, as most expected, declared for the NBA Draft yesterday.  Now both Embiid and Andrew Wiggins are going to the NBA, hoping to be drafted in the top-5 on June 26th.  Wayne Selden Jr. has already announced he is staying for a second year and no other underclassmen are expected to leave early.
  • 6-11 center Myles Turner was the only unsigned player at the McDonald's All American game.  The rumors were that he was waiting to see what Joel Imbiid was doing before he made his decision, implying that if Imbiid left, Turner would go to Lawrence.  That's yet to be seen, but Turner's decision is expected next week.
  • Danny Manning, 47, is now the new head coach at Wake Forest, after two years and a tournament appearance at Tulsa.  Jeff Boschee, 34, is now the head coach at Missouri Southern in Joplin.  He's been with the program for four years as an assistant. 
  • So David Letterman is out and Stephen Colbert is in as the next host of CBS's "The Late Show."  Hmmm…  Colbert's character on "The Colbert Report" is really funny but he's playing a caricature of a pompous conservative.  The unfiltered, liberal Stephen Colbert might not go over as well.  That said, whatever audience Letterman still has is probably conditioned to accept unfiltered liberalism.
  • After 14 years with DirecTV, we've switched over to Google Fiber's TV package.  For a guy like me who hates change, it was like pulling teeth.  A different remote, a different on-screen guide, different channel numbers!  Argh!!!  But in the end, DirecTV was too expensive by itself.  Google Fiber has been the best internet provider we've ever had and bundling the television package with it was going to save $30-50 per month, depending on what the fees and taxes end up being.  Throw in the free Nexus tablet and a few other perks and it began to make too much sense.

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