Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sweet 16 (2014) Round 5

Well, I'm pretty sure this has never happened to us before.  We're down to the championship game and virtually everybody is out.  Nobody had UConn at all.  Only Jared had Kentucky but as his 16th team, a sign that he didn't trust them to actually beat Wichita State.  7-seed UConn and 8-seed Kentucky are the worst championship game pairing in NCAA history.  Typically, a Sweet Sixteen list wouldn't include anything below a 4-seed.

We are obviously nowhere near the 461 points we could potentially have at this point.  A perfect score after six rounds would be 477.

Most years, everyone still has at least one team, and often both teams, still alive going into the final game.  This isn't most years.

Now UConn and Kentucky will square off and Jared and Kristi are tied 304 to 304.  If Kentucky and their slime-ball head coach wins *spit*, Jared will win 305-304.  If UConn wins *eye-roll*, Jared and Kristi stay tied.

What on earth happened, Kansas?!

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