Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sweet 16 (2014) Final

Oops.  I almost forgot to post this.

Our collective inability to pick the upsets in this year's NCAA tourney resulted in low scores and a rare tie for first place.  Jared and Kristi stalled out at 304 points, but congratulations nonetheless.

Probably the most notable pick was Dustin taking Tennessee, a play-in team, and putting them in the correct range, 5th-9th.  Another solid pick was Jared taking Kentucky over Wichita State but placing them 16th almost completely negated the potential 80 points this pick could have garnered.  In the end, it was our complete blind spot for UConn that hurt the most, leaving almost 100 points unclaimed by anyone.

Honestly with a UConn and Kentucky final, none of us had a chance.  If, however, we had Biff's Sports Almanac we would have come up with this lineup:

Instead, we did this:

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