Thursday, April 03, 2014

Random Thoughts 4/3/14

  • So the television show "How I Met Your Mother" ended on Monday.  Personally, it was a huge letdown.  Barney's reprobate-redemption was almost on the mark but fell short in my opinion.  And the whole final twist about the mother and kids' interaction made the entire show's concept seem cheapened to me.  Some of the disconnect may be attributed to the show staying around too long past its peak.
  • Speaking of shows, this is the time of year television shows get cancelled.  I was going to try watching "Enlisted" or Michael J. Fox's new show but I just heard they both got cancelled.   Shannon and I watch the very silly "Neighbors" (think "Third Rock From the Sun" but with kids) but it's one of the shows that's on the bubble and may not survive to see a renewal.  I haven't seen "The Crazy Ones" but I've heard it's dangling by a thread as well.  The same goes for "Revolution".
  • Nothing apparently can kill "Community," the share that dares you to cancel it.  Obviously, show-runner Dan Harmon knows where the bodies are buried.
  • Do you remember when "American Idol" was a thing?
  • Some shows have had more success and I might consider binge-watching to catch up, if the show is worth it.  I haven't ever tried "Mike & Molly", "The Goldbergs", or "Sleepy Hollow"; does anybody have any recommendations?
  • Here's a fascinating but brief survey of British accents.  The speaker is a dialect coach and it's impressive how easily he slips out of one accent and into another.
  • The McDonald's All-American game was last night.  Kansas had a player on each team, power forward Cliff Alexander and shooting guard/small forward Kelly Oubre.  Both played fairly well and had their share of highlights though it's hard to say an all-star game like this really shows you anything.  Hopefully both players will make significant contributions next season.


JenHaggerty said...

The Crazy Ones is (are?) good, IF you like Robin Williams because it is very much him.

Mike and Molly is good but a lot of toilet humor, and the Goldberg's is pee your pants hilarious.

JenHaggerty said...

Oh, and Buffy the Vampire slayer is a great one to binge watch. :)

Anonymous said...

Love The Goldbergs!