Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Random Thoughts 4/1/14

  • No April Fool's Day pranks here today.  It's almost impossible to get on the internet and read anything on April 1, with everybody tripping over themselves to show how clever they are.  Snore.  I'm not believing anything I read or hear until April 2.
  • KU Draft Watch Day 9:  Andrew Wiggins had a press conference yesterday and declared his well-known intentions to go pro after just one year.  Supposedly Joel Embiid is still undecided.  Wayne Selden, Jr. has announced he is staying for another year.  Is it just me, but I haven't heard anything about second-year forward Perry Ellis leaving early.  It seems like he'd have at least a little interest from NBA scouts.  Perhaps not.
  • The best review of that Noah movie I've read yet… of course, it's from Matt Walsh's blog.
  • Naadir Tharpe, you're on thin ice already, buddy.
  • 5-star future Jayhawk power forward Cliff Alexander claims he's considering staying at KU for two years instead of just one.  This in an article with an April 1 dateline.  We'll see.
  • President Obama claims 7 million people signed up for Obamacare, just in time to meet that 7 million person goal.  Again, on April 1st he says this. 

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