Monday, December 06, 2010

Arkansas Wedding

I went yesterday to a rare Arkansas wedding where the bride and groom weren't already related.  We drove four and half hours yesterday to Eureka Springs, the strangest and remotest little town in Arkansas.  Shannon's friend, Wendy, got married and Shannon provided the cake (her first wedding cake creation).

It was the best tasting wedding cake you can imagine but the layers did settle a little bit on the long, winding road onto the Deliverance back lot.  The "sand" was brown sugar and most of the seashells were homemade chocolate candy.

After the wedding and the consumption of the wonderful cake, we drove four and half hours back to KC, reducing the number of teeth in Arkansas by half.

Other Arkansas facts:
• If a married couple gets divorced in Arkansas, they can remain brother and sister.
• Arkansas divorces and tornadoes have the same effect: someone loses a trailer.
• The most popular pick up line in Arkansas: "Nice tooth!"
• How do you know an Arkansas man is married? There are tobacco spitting stains on both sides of the pickup.
• How many Arkansans does it take to eat a 'possum?  Two; one to eat it, the other to watch for cars.

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