Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random Thoughts 12/21/10

  • It's takes everything I've got to not let my wife let the kids open their presents before Christmas.  If it wasn't for me, our presents would have been opened the first week of December.
  • After several days to think about Tron Legacy, I've decided that it was better than I first thought.  Movies make an impression as you watch them, either satisfying you or not.  I'd give a Tron a 5/10 for story and 10/10 for visuals and music as I watched it.  Then you have "the-morning-after" impression that asks whether that story made any sense at all.  I'd give a Tron 2.0 a 7/10 or maybe an 8/10 for being a coherent story.  But then you have the captured-my-imagination factor, where you find yourself thinking about the movie days later; I'd have to give the second Tron a solid 9/10.  I keep thinking about what might happen next.  Was the story a little light?  Was there perhaps a little too much exposition?  Were the boardroom bad guys completely absent in the second half of the film?  Yes, yes, and oh yeah, I forgot about those guys.  But the concepts, the mythology of it all… it's kind of intriguing.  I'd actually welcome another sequel. 
  • Words with Friends for iOS is on sale for only 99¢ for a couple of days.  That means no advertisements!  Shannon, Dustin, Grandma, and I all play, as well as several of our friends.
  • Tanner had some friends over Saturday night for a birthday sleepover.  One of the poor boys got sick and we've been living with the flu time-bomb ever since.  Well… BOOM!  After 36 hours of the whole family feeling kind of icky, Graham threw up all over our hallway and bathroom.  They'll probably fall like dominoes now.
  • If the New Orleans Hornets NBA team moves to KC, I'd be okay with that!  I heard Bill Self express some hesitation with the notion because right now the top dollar for basketball in KC gets spent entirely on KU, KSU, and MU with no professional competition right now.  If we got an NBA team, the financial pie would be further divided.  But I'd still love to see it, if it could possibly happen.

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