Saturday, December 18, 2010

Random Thoughts 12/18/10

  • Happy 9th Birthday, Tanner!
  • 'tis the season for programmers to update their apps. I've had twenty or more iPhone apps receive updates in the last three days. That's way more than usual. I check the App Store for updates almost every day and get a handful each week. But recently, everything is getting updated, expanded, bug-fixed, or otherwise improved. Yay! In the old days, you bought software and you were stuck with bugs and other shortcomings. I really like apps that get regular updates; it feels like loyalty… and encourages the same in response.
  • My wedding band broke! It just broke. It's always had a couple of cracks on the inside, but I just noticed tonight that it's cracked clean through. I basically haven't taken it off for 14 and half years (except for a few months when I dislocated that finger). It's only 10K, which means it's 5/12 gold and 7/12 plastic, I think.
  • I finished Intolerance the other night. It was a three and a half hour silent film released in 1916 by D.W. Grifith. I'd been avoiding watching it for two or three years now, which was silly, because it turned out to be quite a bit better than I thought. That said, it was still a very long silent film.
  • Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Go Josh Selby! His first game and he scored 21 points off the bench to lead the team, including the game winning shot in the last thirty seconds. That'll work!
  • I'm reading Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. I've seen several different versions of this on television but I've never actually read the book… until now. It's really good, especially on iBooks where I can instantly pull up a dictionary when necessary.
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