Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In My Own Image

Every night this week, Brennan and I have been watching the extended-cut version of The Lord of the Rings movies. The four little ones go to bed, Mom wanders off listlessly, and 10-year-old Brennan and I settle in to watch elves, orcs, dwarfs, and hobbits for two hours.

It'll take us six nights (about 12 hours) to get through all three movies. Probably a little longer, because Brennan and I keep pausing the movie to check the maps of Middle-Earth. I've never been so proud. *wipes tear from eye*

In a lot of cases, I require the boys to read the books before I let them watch the movies, but I made an exception here. I'll probably have the boys read the LOTR books in high school, with the Hobbit in junior high. But Brennan's a little bit ahead of the curve, was getting bored with Harry Potter, and the Hobbit movies are coming out in two years… so I pulled the trigger on it. And he's loving it.

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Shannon said...

Listlessly? Nice! Or you could say,"Mom has some much cherished alone time which is a rarity in our house." Twerp.