Monday, December 13, 2010

Random Thoughts 12/13/10

  • The OH-58 Kiowa helicopter just can't get replaced.  It's been in service since the 1960's but every time the Army tries to develop a new scout helicopter, the new helicopter goes over budget, gets canceled and leaves the old Kiowa to get modified and continue the job.  Here's a great article about the history and the future of the Kiowa (including cut-away diagrams).  The Kiowa's next upgrade, the OH-58F, will lose the distinctive mast mounted sight but keep the helicopter flying for another 15 years.
  • I want to know why I have the Bibles of three members of my household in my office, left behind after church Sunday.  Was it too cold to carry our Bibles home?  Or have we just abandoned all pretense of using the Bibles at home during the week?
  • I'm about half-done with Sebastian Junger's War, which covers Medal of Honor recipient Sal Giunta, OP Restrepo, and the Afghan war in the Korengal valley, near Pakistan.  It's a good read by an excellent author.  By the way, this is the third or fourth digital book that I've read this year and the first one that I've purchased through the iBooks store.  The iPhone isn't the best medium to read on, but it's not bad.
  • Number three in the nation, Kansas, gets the most highly ranked recruit this Saturday.  Point guard and NBA prospect Josh Selby will play for Kansas for the first time against USC.  Normally I listen to Saturday midday games on the radio in my office, but I might run home for that one.
  • We now have all the Christmas presents for the kids and about 90% of them wrapped.  I really enjoy wrapping gifts for the kids and do nearly all of the wrapping myself, in my office, away from prying little eyes.
  • Brennan was grounded for several days without television, video games, or anything electronic.  His only form of entertainment we allowed was reading books and he did Monday's school work several days early out of sheer boredom.  Today was his first day of freedom; I found him quietly playing the Wii on the big screen at 5am.

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Shannon said...

Listen here mister, I have another 3 bibles at home not counting the one on the computer or the one on my phone. You're not nice.