Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Chiefs' 2011 NFL Draft

I've not been able to watch the draft as much as in previous years but here's a rundown on what the Chiefs have done in this year's draft:

  • The Chiefs traded down to pick 27 (from 21) but Baltimore, who was supposed to pick 26th, let the clock run out while they worked on a trade with Chicago.  Oops!  Kansas City jumped up and took WR Jon Baldwin before either of the other two teams could do anything.  Baldwin is a big (6'5", 225) receiver and, though not our biggest need, is a great catch as far as physical talent goes.  As far as character… well, I'd give him 3:1 against getting arrested his first year.  Final words:  Dwayne Bowe x2.
  • Do you remember Steve Wisniewski, who played 13 years with the Raiders and now is their new offensive line coach?  Wisniewski's nephew, Stefen Wisniewski, another top-rated offensive lineman from Penn State, was drafted by the Raiders in the second round.  I know the Raiders make goofy picks but this one should be really good and a good story to boot.
  • Have you seen K-State's improvements they are making to Bill Snyder Family Stadium?  Drawings and such are here.  K-State's RB Daniel Thomas went to the Dolphins at the end of the second round.
  • The Chiefs' second round pick was a highly decorated four-year starter from Florida State, C/G Rodney Hudson.  Hopefully this is our next Will Shields.
  • In the third round, the Chiefs took a guy who should have been a first rounder but has been more of a thug instead, in Georgia LB Justin Houston.  I guess the Chiefs are willing to roll the dice when it comes to character issues.
  • No Jayhawks drafted.  No surprises. 
  • The Chiefs drafted Iowa QB Ricky Stanzi in the fourth round.  No pressure on a guy who might have a lot of potential.
  • Final total: 9 players, four on offense and five on defense.  Specifically, a QB, a running back, a first-round wide receiver, and second-round guard, two defensive linemen, two linebackers, and a DB.  All areas of need were addressed (at least on paper).

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