Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sweet 16 (2011) Final

Congrats to Bryan, again.  Once Kentucky was knocked out last Saturday it was all over; at best, Dustin could pull within 5 points but even that wasn't meant to be.

I took the worst bath since starting this contest.  I had too much pinned on schools like Pitt, Purdue, and Syracuse, which necessarily pushed schools like North Carolina, UConn, and Florida down to the bottom of my list.  My new "system" worked for all of one and half rounds, then the upsets blew me out of the water.

Yay, UConn.  Hoo-rah.  (Grrrrr)

At best, you can score 477 in this game (491 if you had VCU as your 14-point team).  So we weren't even close, though Bryan, Matt, and Dustin did barely pass 300.  Here's what an ideal Sweet 16 lineup would have looked like this year [at right].

Please come back next year.  Maybe we'll finally get a final four with two or three 1-seeds in it!  And Kansas too!

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