Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Thoughts 4/27/11

Sorry, this post didn't go up as scheduled on Tuesday and I didn't even notice (being sick and all).  Pretty timely, though, as I wrote the note about Trump's birther conspiracy just hours before the actual(?) birth certificate was released.

  • Whew, I've been out of it for the last few days.  Back in the blogging saddle now.
  • We had a good turnout at church on Easter Sunday with over 200 people attending.  That's pretty good for us!  It's not a record but it's a much better attendance than normal.
  • Great iPhone case for Star Wars and Apple fans… Steve Jobs encased in carbonite!
  • Let me guess, you were hoping that you could see the special extended editions of the Lord of the Rings movies in theaters?  Well your wish has been granted.  The films will be re-released in theaters in June.
  • Chris Coker organized the fastest, easiest, and all around best Easter egg hunt ever at Church on Sunday.  It was quick, simple, and well organized.  Good job, Chris!
  • Some of my spare time the last few days has been sent running my virtual pawn store on Facebook.  It's a silly diversion but, for free, the price was just right.
  • The NFL Draft is about to begin (Thursday evening), not that we'll necessarily have an NFL season this year.  Hopefully things can get worked out but it's not yet looking good.  The draft this year is spread out again across three days.  This is a lot better than the seven or eight hour mega-broadcasts they used to do.
  • I am not getting up at 4am Friday to watch the Royal Wedding.  I'm interested… in a historical, trivial kind of way, but not that interested.
  • So are we going to bomb Syria now?  Or is our president picking and choosing by letting weaker nations lead the way?
  • Let me reiterate my anti-conspiracy theory conspiracy theory.  Trump is both nuts and on to something here.  The President was almost certainly born in Hawaii.  We've seen his certificate of live birth, witnesses remember the event and the unusual name, and it was recorded in the newspapers at the time.  But what if the official document has something else embarrassing on it?  And what if releasing that information puts him one step closer to releasing information that is even more embarrassing, such as a college thesis and mediocre grades boosted or ignored by affirmative action?  I think disqualifying the President based on birth information is a dead end.  On the other hand, finding damning information about his radical associations and views could alienate the electorate.  I think this is what the Clinton team found: a natural-born citizen with radical leftest views in college, just like Hillary.

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