Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random Thoughts 4/14/11

  • It's hard to believe but my precious son, Tanner, was baptized last Sunday.  He's only nine years old but he has one of the sweetest dispositions and couldn't be more earnest.  He's my first child to make a decision for the Lord and we couldn't be more happy!  [I wanted to wait and post some pics but that'll have to wait.]
  • Josh Selby, the one-and-done supposed-phenom who had a mediocre, truncated, and disappointing single season at KU, is now officially going to the NBA.  **Yawn**  What a waste.  Selby averaged 7.9 points as a reserve off the bench which he thinks will translate into an pro career.  Now he's helping the Jayhawks by making room for others who want to be here.
  • So tax hikes are now "spending reductions in the tax code"?  First, I agree with the internet chatter that this is the most Orwellian statement made by a U.S. President since "New World Order."  Second, this statement is meaningless unless you start by assuming that money belongs to the government first.  This view then lets you believe that when taxpayers get a tax break they are keeping more of the government's money, i.e. government spent money by leaving it in your pocket.  Thus, a spending reduction in the tax code will necessarily involve emptying that pocket.
  • Here's a great video from Peter Jackson, director of the Hobbit movies, about the beginning of filming.
  • My eldest son, Brennan, has legitimate nerd cred.  In just three sittings, he beat the game "Portal," which has some relatively challenging levels, especially for a 10-year old.  Real nerds (now including my son) out there know, "the cake is a lie!"
  • I've started cycling again, having made several circuits in the last few days.  After completing one such exhausting ride, I texted, "Back home having my usual heart attack/stroke."  This was supposed to go to my wife, who would have picked up on my humor.  Instead I inadvertently texted it to a church member.   Oops.

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