Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Thoughts 4/19/11

  • I'm still ridiculously impressed that my 10-year old beat the computer game "Portal" in just a few sittings. "Portal" is a short game but he's only 10 and he had no cheats, tips, hints, or coaching. When I played it I had several of the tricks spoiled for me, so I kind of knew what I was doing. But Brennan went in cold and still solved all the levels. He also beat "Braid" recently. Now he wants to buy "Portal 2," which was released today. We'll see.
  • Some of you have asked how Shannon is feeling. She's doing great but has a terrible cold today. So don't call her and ask how she's doing because you might be convinced she's dying or something. She's not. But thanks!
  • Here's five iPhone games that every "Angry Birds" fan will love. I can vouch for "Ragdoll Blaster" and I know some people who have enjoyed "Tiny Wings." I wish I had more time for some of these puzzle games; I really enjoy them and they're great exercise for the brain.
  • Please, oh, please, don't make me vote for a goof ball like Donald Trump. If I have no other choice, I'll do it. It'll probably bring about the apocalypse, but I'll do it.
  • Here's a listof the 15 best photo apps for iPhone and iPad. Personally I prefer "Camera+" for taking photos and adding effects, "ColorSplash" for doing the mixed b&w with color effects, and "AutoStitch" for panoramas and oversized pics. I haven't needed anything beyond this, but my photography projects are pretty limited.
  • I'm still trying to devise ways to "sin" against Earth Day this Friday. I'll try to save any driving that I have to do for that day; if gas prices weren't so high I'd let my car idle as an fragrant offering to Gaia, aka "Mother Earth." Maybe I'll burn my brush pile or have another kid or something. That may sound funny but nature-worship is seeping into our culture at a scary fast rate. Laws are being passed based on "sins" against nature and the environment. Regular folks are believing that recycling is a greater virtue than fidelity or honesty. The U.N. is even debating right now whether the Earth should have have human rights!
  • The NFL announces the schedule that-may-never-be tonight. There's a good chance that the season will be postponed, truncated, or canceled this year. As soon as we know what's happening, we'll let our fantasy football league know what to expect.

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